Thursday, March 1, 2012


I used plastidip on a set of bangles I found at a thrift store and a few toy animals I had sitting around.  I was surprised that plastidip comes clear.  I used a little of the blue color and a LOT of the white to get this baby blue gem.  It's kind of gloppy, and I had a few difficulties getting the animals fully covered. BUT.. it totally peels off plastic and metal easily, so I was able to do things that didn't turn out right.


  1. Rad project! Thanks for using Plasti Dip. We’re launching a new website to showcase our passionate (possibly rabid) fans. Or as we call them, Dip Heads. Would you be wiling to let us use your image? We’ll give you a shout out, and you could be in line for prizes in the future! Check us out at

    1. Hi Plati Dip-- yes, I'd be flattered to have you use these pictures.